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CARBONE is a firm that aims to bring clothing to its highest expression by centering the quality of the materials and the accuracy of the fit. Structured around a series of tailored suits, the brand works with top-tier raw materials that allow the garments to age well, serenely distance themselves from the fast pace of fashion and, eventually, become part of the family legacy. CARBONE thus transforms what fashion denies, duration, into a precious quality.  

CARBONE elaborates upon a suit model that varies in minimal but significant details, like a motif in a musical composition. Its high-waisted silhouette, deep pleats, wide lapels and dropped collars is rare. That makes it look bold. Actually, it deserves a much more emphatic adjective: classic.
CARBONE fills fashion with all the values of classical art: proportion, naturalness, permanence, a taste for pleasing. And it does so with the help of a team of artisans (tailors, weavers, modelers) who have brought their techniques to their peak. Each CARBONE suit is a laborious piece of jewelry, which retrieves a modern silhouette to present it in the most varied scenarios of today's life: work, cocktail parties, late night meetings and improvised outings.   

CARBONE suits are the centerpiece of a unique wardrobe that also offers linen and cotton pants, linen shirts and work shirts, wool coats, hand-knit sweaters, cardigans, multi-colored jeans, loafers and anoraks. All in serene tones (honey, beige), the product of natural inks that move away from the loudness of what’s “in”.    


Matías Carbone studied design at ABM and has worked in the fashion industry for more than two decades. After his first steps at Paula Cahen D'Anvers, he took his personal stamp to the main firms in the South American market, among which stand out Félix, AY Not Dead, Jazmín Chebar and Bowen. He currently advises men's and women's brands, collaborates as a stylist at L'Officiel and heads fashion workshops in different countries in the region.

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